The page is mostly intended to hold various programming projects I am (or have been) involved in. Browse Projects to see the interesting stuff. Think of it as a blog of programming projects without the frequent update and blog-like front page ;)


4-5 times a year.. yeah, right! I think I will aim for one update / year from now on :D

Be sure to check out BirdBreeder and CandyTime, two newly added games.

viblo - 2010-01-12

First time in almost a year I update this site.. And that was just because someone mailed me about stuff he had read here. Guess I should decrease the interval between updates to at least 4-5 times a year :)

viblo - 2008-07-19

The Microsoft competition DreamBuildPlay is now over and Ragu scored 3rd place (together with 15 other games). This is the first competition where I have won an actual prize! Its not super simple to divide it with my other teammembers.. :)

viblo - 2007-08-21

Added MathJumper and Ragu and did a little restructuring.

viblo - 2007-08-05