Candy Time

Just like Ragu this game was made for Microsoft's Dream Build Play competition ( by me and a couple of friends.


"Puzzle grandma and grandpa through the candy factory in their time-reversing gummyball-shooting propellership. Candy Time is an action pumped puzzle mindblowing puzzle game featuring time travel and a mixture of candy, some necessary for survival..."

In this game you can reverse time (similar to Braid, a game that was unfortunately released during the time we developed the game) and let your time shadow do the work and help you solve the tricky puzzles in the colorful and a bit psychedelic world.

The game is made with XNA, a game framework for .NET that can be run on both PC and XBox360.


Anders Elfgren (Srekel), Alvar Jansson, Lena Fernqvist, and me. (And we outsourced the music to Johan Althoff ;-))


todo: upload stuff here.