City Connect was created by me and Srekel for a 48h game programming competition held at


City Connect puts you in the shoes of a road tycooneer! Your job is to gain as much money as possible by connecting cities together. You do this by moving road "tiles" around. You can either switch the places of two adjacent tiles on the playing field, OR you can take roads from your "hand" and switch it with a tile on the playing field.

Each switch costs you one action. You have three actions each round, but whenever you do an action which gets you money, your turn ends.

When you connect two cities (there is a road without abruptions between them), both cities and any roads connected to the path that connects them is removed from the game.

You gain money based on how much is removed: Cities: 10 per number of cities removed Roads: 5 per number of roads removed

The game ends when all the players have skipped a round, or if there is only one or zero cities left on the field.


Screenshot of main playing area.

Screenshot of main menu.