Flowers n Bees

Flowers n Bees was made for the 8th Ludum Dare 48 hour programming competition ( This was my first attempt to create a game in 48h, so it was quite a challenge to come up with something playable at all.


The goal of the game is to gather honey for the winter. You cannot collect honey on your own. However, you have a swarm of bees at your command that can do the gathering for you.

The swarm is controlled by moving the mouse. The swarm will try to fly to where the mouse pointer is. However, bees are not flying sauceres, they cannot do a 180 degree very quick!

A Bee can land on a honey flower, an evil flower or a beehive. A bee will land on a flower (honey or evil) if it has room for more honey or if it is tired. A bee will land on a beehive if it has a full load of honey or if it is tired. When a bee lands on a beehive the honey is transfered to the jars in the topleft of the screen. A new bee is spawned for each full jar.

A bee needs to land on 3 honey flowers before unloading at a beehive. A bee cannot escape from an evil flower, every bee landing there will stay there until they die.

Flowers n Bees was programmed in Python using PyGame and !PyOpenGL.