Ragu was made for Microsoft's Dream Build Play competition (dreambuildplay.com) by me and a couple of friends. Ragu scored top20! (that is, a shared 3rd place which mean we won a 360 and some software!)


Ragu is a multiplayer game where up to 4 players can play on a single computer (or xbox360). Yuo play as a bumblebee and the goal is to get your flower to grow. To do so, you can push rain clouds to the flower. The gameplay is very simple, anyone can play!

The game is made in XNA, a game framework for .NET that can be run on both PC and XBox360.


Anders Elfgren (Srekel), Alvar Jansson, Lena Fernqvist, Christian Nilsson, Sebastian Jansson and me. (And we outsourced the music to Johan Althoff ;-))


Video of the gameplay


Screenshot of intense fighting over a black rain cloud.

Screenshot of the main menu.

Screenshot (cropped) of the editor. Quite advanced, especially for the simple game it turned out to be in the end.